Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Pipe Coating with FBE

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coatings provide high quality protection of pipes for industries involved in the transmission of oil, gas, slurry and water without many of the problems normally associated with bituminous, thermoplastic tape and extrusion coatings.

Our application procedure, by dipping into a fluidized bed, can be used to apply the FBE coating on the pipes as a one-coat system and does not require prolonged drying time as is necessary for regular wet paint applications.

FBE provides excellent long term corrosion protection and is highly resistant to abrasion and elevated temperatures.

Mesh Coating with FBE

Premature failures of concrete are often caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel bars or mesh. To protect against these failures,  FBE was developed and over the years improved.

As several FBE coating plants are in existence to coat reinforced bars only, we decided to concentrate on the coating of reinforcing mesh.

Why? The usage of mesh is a cost effective system in saving time (no need of tying the bars together) and material (by reducing overlaps).

Our specially designed mesh coating plant performing in accordance to ASTM A775M is the only one of its kind in the Gulf, which is able to coat welded wire mesh of up to 4m width and 12m length (average size produced in the UAE is usually 2.4m width x 4.8m length).

Quality control of the production process is the most important factor. At PPC a quality control system has been established that fully complies with recognized QC systems in all aspects. Therefore all supplies and material used are traceable and compliance with all aspects of relevant specifications is assured.