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​PPC’s anticorrosion services are being used to protect steel, profiles, structural steel of industrial buildings, oil and gas pipelines, platforms, etc. with single or multiple coats of paint.

Cleaning of the metal surfaces before the paint application is the key requirement to achieve a perfect protective coating. Shot and grit blasting is the most commonly used method for such cleaning.


In addition to the manual blasting & in order to provide a quick and efficient service, we installed a fully enclosed automated blasting plant. At that time it was the first unit in the UAE representing environmental consciousness by containing and recycling all blasting grit. This unit is capable of handling any steel profiles, plates and structural steel up to 4m width and maximum 0.5m height.

Our enclosed Manual Blasting Chamber (which is one of the largest in the region) can accommodate steel structures of any shape and form as well as trucks, tanks, pressure vessels, heavy equipment, etc. 

Our Air Filtration Unit guarantees a constant circulation of air within the blasting chamber by absorbing all dust particles which meets environmental standards. ​


We work with the most renowned Painting Manufactures in the region & our qualified painters are certified to apply all types of paint systems. 

Our experienced painters have the "know-how" in the art of anticorrosion & have been trained to achieve long-lasting protection.

We control all aspects of the application from humidity, due point, temperature to achieve the optimal results. 


Powder Coating

We have one of the largest automatic FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating machines

in the region that can coat; 

Piles, Mesha, Gratings, Gantry Rails, Ladders, Handrails, Cable Trays etc.

PPC are experts in fluidized Dipping coating on pipes as a one-coat system. This does not require prolonged drying time as is necessary for regular wet paint applications.

​FBE provides excellent long term corrosion protection and is highly resistant to abrasion and elevated temperatures.

Thermoplastic coatings are factory applied. The metal surface needs to be properly cleaned and adequately heated before coating to obtain the best possible adhesion and consequently long-term life of the protective coating, even in very corrosive environments.

Quality control of the production process is the most important factor.

At PPC a quality control system has been established that fully complies with recognized QC systems in all aspects. Therefore all supplies and material used are traceable and compliance with all aspects of relevant specifications is assured.

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