Abrasive Blasting & Painting

Our facility in Jebel Ali is equipped with:

  • Automatic Shot Blasting Machine (4m width x 0,5m height)

  • Fully enclosed Manual Blasting Chamber (26m x 14m x 13m height)

  • Spraying equipment (airless & conventional for newest paint materials)

  • Overhead travelling cranes (up to 35 tons lifting capacity)

All these are situated inside 2 large hangars, so that all work can be carried out under fully enclosed, clean and controlled environmental conditions. Adjacent to the enclosed hangars adequate paved open storage area of more than 12.000m² is available.

PPC’s anticorrosion services are being used to protect steel, profiles, structural steel of industrial buildings, oil and gas pipelines, platforms, etc. with single or multiple coats of paint.

Proper pre-cleaning of the metal surfaces before paint application is the key requirement to achieve a perfect protective coating. Shot and grit blasting is the most commonly used method for such cleaning. In order to provide a quick and efficient service, PPC installed, as far back as 1985, a fully enclosed automated blasting plant. At that time it was the first unit in the UAE representing environmental consciousness by containing and recycling all blasting grit within the confinement of the machine. This unit is capable of handling any steel profiles, plates and structural steel up to 4m width and maximum 0.5m height.

Our enclosed Manual Blasting Chamber (26m x 14m x 13m height) commissioned in October 2000, can accommodate steel structure of any shape and form as well as trucks, tanks, pressure vessles, heavy equipment, etc. and is operated on a 24/7 cycle. Our sandblasters, working in the blasting chamber, use air-conditioned fresh air masks during the process of blast cleaning.

The massive Air Filtration Unit guarantees a constant circulation of air within the blasting chamber by absorbing all dust particles before releasing the air into the atmosphere.

The released air is of breathable quality, which means that the whole blasting process is extremely environmentally friendly.