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Full Service

From the initial consultation, we will assess each item/project with accurate detail to find the specific process & protective system for the job. 

Flexibility & Timing are some of our key strengths, our proficient 24/7 team get the job done when dead=lines need to be met. 


PPC's logistical fleet can accommodate our client's needs, onsite & offsite from collection to delivery of products. Our compressors, generators, fully mobile Blasting & Painting units can serve all types of Offsite requirements.

Waste generated on projects will be handled & disposed of by us. 

Our multiple cranes & forklifts on location can seamlessly move your items through the entire process.  

We can also house larger items in our facilities for longer periods for testing, maintenance or refurbishments.

We are fully autonomous when it comes to Navy & Commercial Ships and are equipped to work on the most challenging of surfaces. Our NonSkid & NonSlip applications have been requested by Navy's over the past decades.  


We have gained the trust of our clients over the years due to our commitment & hard work. 

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