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Over 200 years of Anticorrosion Experience 

About Us

            The pedigree of this family-driven company can be traced back to 1811 when it was founded in Germany. Since that time the family has always specialized in anticorrosion works and contributed to the many technical aspects of corrosion protection and technology in Europe and, since 1978, also in the Middle East.

Willi Diener and Eleanor Brodie established Plastic Powder Coating (PPC) in Dubai in 1978. Due to the natural growth and expansion, the company moved to Jebel Ali Port (PAJA) in 1984. Since then we have grown to be specialists in Blasting, Painting & Powder Coating in the region.

The variety of special services PPC can offer in Jebel Ali (UAE) include:

  • Blasting and painting of e.g. storage tanks, structural steel, bridge structure, warehouses, offshore & onshore rigs, communication & high voltage towers.

  • Blasting and Painting performed in-house as well as at the client’s site on various steel structures.

  • Repairs on non-skid coating (mainly on marine vessels).

  • Coating of intumescent paint on steel structures for fire protection.

  • Epoxy/glass flake linings inside & outside of steel tanks and pipes.

  • Abcite X 1070 (thermoplastic) powder coating.

  • FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) powder coating.

  • Tank cleaning, sludge cleaning and disposal of same.

  • Performing anticorrosion works on industrial plants in operation (offshore platforms, refineries, aluminium plants, etc.).

Our in-house transport facilities consist of a fleet of trailers, crane mounted trucks for collection and delivery of items from and to client’s site. Our fully paved open area of more than 20.000m² allows for storage of incoming and outgoing material.

All our work is performed inside large hangars, which assures clean and controlled conditions during application.

Our in-house work progresses round the clock, 24/7, 360 days a year, whether rain or shine. Special mechanical and fabrication facilities are on-site to handle necessary work/repairs connected with our anticorrosion services.

In Jebel Ali, PPC is located within the port area and our clients can, therefore, use the nearby jetties to deliver heavy equipment and fabricated steel structure by barges and marine vessels.

For work on client’s site, we have all the necessary machinery and equipment to carry out grit/garnet blasting and painting, glass flake lining, tank cleaning, etc.

We are experienced in high-level work on tanks, towers, multi-level steel structures and high tension pylons and we have our own specialized climbing equipment, scaffolding, cradles, compressors and high-pressure water jetting equipment.

Our greatest asset is our staff with the knowledge and experience of the last 38 years to work under Gulf conditions.

One of our strengths is our reputation to deliver the highest quality work on time, while still observing the very specific circumstances of this area.

We are independent and not attached to any particular paint manufacturer – this allows us to propose the most suitable paint system for each individual job.

Due to many years of association with the oil industry, we've developed excellent standards in testing, checking and reporting procedures.

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